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Help SSP build community through the magic of theatre.
Join us for our upcoming production of 
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!


Only Book ONE slot for yourself and prepare for ONE role, you will be considered for other roles if you are interested.
If all audition slots book up, we will be accepting as many walk ins as possible.
Location: University of Saskatchewan, Drama Department: John Mitchell Building
118 Science Pl, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E2

February 1st, 2nd, 3rd
7:00 - 10:00 PM

February 4th
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Callbacks February 5th
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Auditions will be roughly 1 hour in duration.
There will be a vocal/acting portion and a movement/choreography portion.
 Artists will be seen in small groups.  Please prepare the song provided for your chosen role and come ready to engage in movement. During the audition, artists may also be requested to read a small selection from the show.

Character descriptions can be found below. Please note that the pronouns used in the character breakdown describe the role to be portrayed, not the performer applying.

All artists must be 16+ at time of audition to be considered. 
Certain roles, (Belle, The Beast, Gaston, Lumiere, & Babette) because of their intimate nature, require artists to be 18+, and NOT a current High School student at the time of audition.
If a video submission is required, please contact [email protected]

**All Artists are required to be Saskatoon Summer Players members in order to participate in the production. You do not need to be a member to AUDITION**

~A call for orchestra musicians will be posted after auditions have concluded~

Show Details

 June 21st – 30th, 2023 at the Remai Arts Centre (No Show June 26th)
The show will move into the theatre on June 16th, 2023
Rehearsals will begin in March and are generally 3 days a week. Evenings and Weekends.

The Characters

Belle: (18+) Must have an imaginative yet grounded energy. She is in the sky and yet feels real. A layered individual who is lost in the clouds and yet not oblivious of her circumstances. We should like her immediately. Must be able to learn how to ballroom dance with the Beast. 
Song: Home 

Gaston: (18+) Must be charming and vivacious. It must be believable that people would follow him. He must be incredibly likable partly because of (and partly despite) his arrogance. Likeability is the key for him. Doesn’t necessarily need to dance (though it would be an asset), but should be able to move confidently. 
Song: Me

LeFou: Has taken the task of emulating Gaston to the Nth degree. LeFou just wants to be loved the way Gaston is loved (he just doesn’t realize it’s all superficial). Sense of humour and playfulness needed. Physicality needed. 
Song: Gaston

Maurice: Must be fun and quirky. Slightly eccentric but with has so much love for his daughter. 
Song: No Matter What (Reprise)

Monsieur D’ Arque: Sleek, oily, evil. Where Gaston is the palatable side of self-importance, this character is the darkness in all its glory.

Ensemble: Playing everything from villagers to flatware 
Song: Be Our Guest 

Magic Dancers: An ensemble of dancers that exemplify the blend of magic, artistry, technicality and reality that the story requires

Beast: (18+) Must have a controlled voice for safely projecting low growls. The voice should be spacious, deep, and sharp. He must have the range to be frightening and also seem unsure of himself. He has hidden his uncertainty with bitterness and anger. Must be able to learn to ballroom dance with Belle. 
Song: If I Can’t Love Her

Lumiere: (18+) Charming, French, and lovable! Lumiere is the life of the party, a little too flirtatious, but kind and caring. Dance and Comedy chops a must.
Song: Be Our Guest

Cogsworth: Uptight and crotchety. Cogsworth likes things to run according to plan, and MUST follow the rules. Does not necessarily need to be able to dance. Stiffness in fact could be an asset. Comedy chops. 
Song: Human Again (Cogsworth Cut)

Babette: (18+) Flirtatious, lovely, and social. Babette puts on the charm and has much wit, especially when dealing with the ridiculousness of Lumiere. 
Song: Human Again

Mrs. Potts: Motherly and caring. Potts is clearly more aware than anyone else in the household (even though the old boys tend to doubt her). She is caring, comforting, and hopeful. Loves her boy and loves her home.
Song: Tale as Old as Time

Chip: (any gender, 16+) Fun, naïve, playful. Must appear childlike/small of stature.
Song: Be Our Guest (Chip Cut Performed in Character)

Madam de la Grand Bouche: Larger than life, dramatic, yet kind. Operatic voice. Song: Human Again

Creative Team

  • Director: Bobby Williston
  • Assistant Director: Cynthia Olson
  • Choreographer: Meghan McDonald
  • Assistant Choreographer: Brenda Bennett
  • Stage Manager: Brady Moore
  • ASM: Brigitte April
  • Co-Music Director: Amanda Gourlay
  • Co-Music Director: Britni Shingoose
  • Co-Vocal Coach: Kylen Rioux
  • Co-Vocal Coach: Liz Whitbread
  • Production Manager: Jalisa Gonie
  • Assistant Production Manager: Michael Kruger
  • The Art Department
  • Shaun Bzdel, Kei Tanaka,  Catherine Hui, Hisa Qian, Jorja Green, Josh Bachman, McCall Kindt, Roberta Ross, Zach Greenhorn, Matthew Thompson

If you have any questions please email: [email protected]

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