Our Board:

Saskatoon Summer Players is a registered non-profit and charitable organization.  As such, we are governed by an elected, volunteer board of directors. The Board of Directors provides valuable leadership and direction for the SSP staff.  We are honoured to be supported by the individuals who serve on the SSP Board of Directors.

Blair Pisio

With a lifelong passion for live theatre, Blair has been a presence in the Saskatoon community theatre scene, notably with Saskatoon Summer Players, since 2016. Select theatre credits include onstage roles in Footloose; The Full Monty (Saskatoon Summer Players), Carrie the Musical (Standout Productions) and Anne of Green Gables (McClure Players), and behind the scenes roles in the Addams Family, Annie and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown (Saskatoon Summer Players). Currently serving as the President and Chair of the Board for Saskatoon Summer Players, Blair remains an avid supporter of the arts, athletics, and volunteerism in Saskatoon, frequently found attending local productions, dance studios, soccer centers, or simply relishing the vibrant culture of Saskatoon with his three children.

Vice President
Élisabeth Foucault

Élisabeth Foucault is an enthusiastic patron of the arts.  Growing up in Québec, she was involved in the local theatre community with her family.  She has served many production roles for SSP, the most recent being her first go at co-Assistant Directing The Full Monty;  she has also managed the Front of House of the Broadway Theatre for SSP’s Full Monty, Putnam County Spelling Bee, Into the Woods, Footloose, Little Women and Charlie Brown and also served as the Audience experience coordinator for The Addams Family.  Once in a while she also enjoys being on stage:  Nérine in Scapin, Angélique in George Dandin, La Troupe du Jour; and she was a celebrity dancer in Saskatoon City Hospital’s fundraiser Swinging with the Stars.  She has been a Board member of SSP since 2020.   Élisabeth is an optometrist at Family Focus Eyecare and is the proud mom of Paulina, Antony and Jack. She is excited to bring her experience and passion for storytelling to Saskatoon Summer Players’ Board of Directors.

Emilee Kowaliuk

Emilee is honoured to continue serving SSP on the board. Having been involved with the organization since 2014 as a musician, she was happy to step up and take on a more impactful role in shaping its future. Emilee is passionate about musical theatre and enjoys finding ways to introduce it to new people. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty behind the scenes either be it up to her elbows in fabric, wrapping and running cable, or standing by with drill. Emilee is incredibly active in the music community, performing with various choirs and ensembles as well as time spent teaching.

Board Secretary 

Chair, Governance & Strategic Planning Committee 

Show Coordination Committee 

Chair, 60th Anniversary Committee 

Shaun Stevenson

Shaun is proud to be entering his second term as an SSP board member.  As a just-barely-above average (and that’s being generous) singer he is grateful for organizations like SSP that seek to foster artist growth and provide opportunities to create and perform musical theatre.  His main goal as Treasurer is to help SSP remain financially strong for many years to come to ensure people have opportunities to perform like he did.  Shaun is thankful for the opportunity to help SSP in this manner and looks to bring his experience from the business world to the boardroom table.

Director at Large
Paul Amante

Paul Amante (he/him) hails from Singapore and has been a performer since the age of 12 and has notable performing credits that include Troy Bolton in High School Musical, Pinocchio in Shrek the Musical, as well as Joe in 9 to 5 and Keno in The Full Monty, both of which were with Saskatoon Summer Players. Aside from performing, Paul is kicking off his career in business and marketing as he completes his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan and works in marketing at Prairieland where many major Saskatoon events take place. Paul is eager and excited to broaden his horizons in the business world and is excited to sit on the Board of Directors of SSP where his passions for business and performing can collide.

Director at Large
Shaun Bzdel

Shaun Bzdel currently teaches band and choir in Saskatoon.  Shaun has worked as a theatre artist in Saskatoon for 25 years.  He earned his Music and Education degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.

Director at Large
Marissa Graham

Marissa Graham (she/her) is a Saskatoon based musician and performing artist, who graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition. Trumpet is her main instrument of study, which lends itself to her passions of musical theatre and jazz music. Through the University of Saskatchewan there were several performing options for her to explore: STM Newman Players, various choirs, UofS Jazz Band and UofS Wind Orchestra to name a few.  Marissa became involved with the Saskatoon Summer Players as an orchestra member in 2015 (Cabaret) and has been involved with at least nine SSP productions to date. Beyond music she loves to get creative with yarn crafts, parent her two children, baking, camping, and gaming.

Director at Large
Kristin Potter

Kristin is new to community theatre, and became involved with the Saskatoon Summer Players (SSP) when performing in the Full Monty.  She enjoys listening to music, singing, time outdoors and any reason to laugh or bring people and communities together.  Outside of her interests, she is a working professional and proud parent.  Kristin is excited to join the SSP board and is looking forward to working with the amazing and talented people supporting performing arts in Saskatoon.

Director at Large
Zak Stinson

Zak has always felt a connection to live performance, participating in high school theatre productions, getting up at comedy open mics, and first seeing the love of his life on stage over 20 years ago. He moved back to Saskatchewan in 2022, after a decade spent in Alberta pursuing a career in the life sciences. Zak and his partner were cast in SSP’s recent production of Beauty and the Beast, where he was part of the ensemble and contributed to the design and construction of set and costume elements. The memories and friendships made during that production have him delighted and grateful for the opportunity to give back to the organization and the Saskatoon performing arts community in general. When not assisting with or enjoying shows, he can be found camping with loved ones in the woods, fixing something or other in the garage, or working as a REALTOR® in and around Saskatoon.